Iden uses ‘deep fake’ technology to protect people’s privacy in the hybrid space

Generative Markers

In the few years since Iden was first released, it has become clear that the randomly generated identities should have a level of relatedness to the physical identity or the user.

So, we decided to set some general markers to the hybrid space protection, Age, Gender, and Race. This keeps the generated fake identities close to the original picture, while privacy is still completely covered.


Our original design of the IDENtifiers™ looked very similar to the well-known dog tags which gave the identifiers the nickname ‘tag’ or ‘tags’. These days we have many different shapes and accessories but the identifiers are still referred to as tags by most.

Restricted Areas

Although Iden allows for the protection of everyone’s privacy, it is a completely voluntary service to use. In that same line, it should be open for people to not allow the use of Iden too. In public, no rules are set on the use of Iden, but your employee may request you to not wear your identifier during work.

Identity Reveal

The core of Iden’s principles is ‘control’. You are the boss of what happens with your identity online. Even if you want to allow people to see your protected identity online: you can! People can request an identity reveal by placing a bid to the owner of the identity. In the end, the owner is still in control and can cancel or take the bid that is proposed.

Crime Policy

Iden works closely together with authorities to limit crime. That means that criminals cannot digitally hide their real identities if they do something illegally. If something illegal is reported, the police can request Iden to reveal the original, unedited image.


An unexpected effect of Iden products was that it is being used to show your trust in someone. Wearing one generally indicates you are unsure about the situation or people around you. Taking it off, compromising the protection of the hybrid space, shows trust.

Video Scenarios

Are you part of our research? You can watch the videos in any order and as often as you like! Make sure you have seen the intro video and read all the text above!

Quick tip: if you experience a ‘squished effect’ when playing the video: right-click the video and select ‘Open video in new tab’. Or simply cast the video to a casting device like a Chromecast.




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